Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa

Graeme Northfield

Graeme’s approach to practice and teaching acknowledges Ashtanga as a powerful healing modality.

Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy) addresses practice from a therapeutic perspective, as well as appreciating the sheer joy and beauty of the body in movement.

An essential component of yoga is to increase the quality of blood and its efficient flow throughout the body. The Vinyasa system of Ashtanga Yoga combines Ujjayi breathing with bandha control in order to produce the heat required to facilitate the purification and efficiency of the internal and external organs.

Understanding and developing strong foundations through postural alignment, strengthening of the neuromuscular system and joint stability, leads to steady and enjoyable progressions, whilst minimising pain and the risk of injury.

In today’s world of extreme stresses, pollution and unnatural environments, this age-old discipline provides an effective means to assist in restoring and maintaining a healthy, balanced existence.


Workshops, Retreats and Classes

Our commitment to teaching is to provide students with an exciting, effective, safe and achievable experience of Ashtanga Yoga.

Classes are informative, inspiring and challenging and provide a supportive, non-competitive environment for students to enjoy their practice. The needs and aims of each individual are considered, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, from those who wish to work more strongly in the traditional Ashtanga sequences to those who have injuries or limitations or are in need of rehabilitation.

The big thing is simply to practice. Within the doing, beyond the physicality of asana, arises a place of open receptivity to feel and be moved by that which is greater than us.