Our commitment to teaching is to provide students with an exciting, effective, safe and achievable experience of Ashtanga Yoga.

We emphasise the importance of developing strong foundations through postural alignment, strengthening of the neuromuscular system and joint stabilisation. In acknowledging that each individual has specific needs, we can offer programs for the rehabilitation of injuries, restoration and maintenance of a healthy body/mind, and achievement of body/mind excellence.

Workshop and Retreat Schedule 2023

Graeme and Leonie believe an essential insight of practice is to discover, as individuals, who we are and why we’re here on Planet Earth; unveiling our unique gifts and developing the confidence to share these gifts for a greater good.
On a practical, physical level, it is important to understand how we achieve maximum benefits from our practice through increasing body awareness in alignment, joint stability, strength and flexibility. Another important aspect is learning to balance the active & passive, masculine & feminine energies.
On deeper levels, it takes courage to look into ourselves and allow life to work on us in order to bring about change. Ultimately, we practice to heal ourselves and by raising our own vibration and consciousness through Yoga, we also play our part in the healing of the planet.
Workshops with Graeme & Leonie are suitable for every level of practitioner.
Please join us in 2023.

APR 23
APR 29


OCT 22
OCT 28


April ~ Sunday 23 to Saturday 29
October ~ Sunday 22 to Saturday 28

Nambucca Valley, NSW, AUSTRALIA


Graeme and Leonie invite you to rest and restore body, mind and senses
Relaxing into the quiet, nurturing and peaceful rhythm of Yoga Nature on Prana Ridge

The Daily Routine

  • Sunrise meditation.
  • Ashtanga self-practice.
  • Afternoon sessions that draw from the deep well of Graeme’s yoga wisdom & experiences.
  • Scrumptious meals, ‘Made with Love’ by Leonie.
  • Time to rest or explore: enjoy bush walks, our secluded freshwater lake, good company, crackling fires and starry skies.

All Ashtanga levels welcome.
Maximum 8 participants.
Early booking recommended.

Detailed information

Contact and Bookings: Leonie