Personal Profiles


Graeme is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga who shares his wealth and depth of 38 years experience. His teachings shine with innovative wisdom, knowing that in order to create space for new insights and understandings, it is important to determine what still holds value from past traditions and to shed that which is no longer useful, relevant or true. His honest, insightful and investigative approach to Ashtanga practice and teaching is a breath of fresh air.

In 1976, after attending a lecture on meditation by a Tibetan Buddhist monk, Graeme felt deeply inspired to seek answers to his many questions about life, death and dying through the exploration of Eastern spiritual practices. He qualified as a registered nurse in 1980, which then led him to work in a Hospice for the dying. Here he was introduced to Siddha Yoga and this connection set him on a journey to India. The destination was Ganeshpuri but instead, Graeme was drawn to Mysore. In 1982, that first memorable meeting with Shri K Pattabhi Jois would ignite a life-long study of and passion for Ashtanga Yoga. He completed the 4th Series in 1991 and was certified by Pattabhi Jois to teach Primary through to Advanced B Series.

In 1996 Graeme met Laura Romano from Solo, Java, who introduced him to Sumarah Meditation. Sumarah means ‘surrender’ and places a strong emphasis on contacting deeper states of relaxation. The subsequent training and practice in Sumarah added further dimension and awareness to Graeme’s approach and understanding.
In 2005, gaining qualification as a personal trainer taught Graeme valuable insights into the western approach to health and fitness that merged beautifully into Ashtanga practice and principles. Experience showed that targeted strength training to supplement yoga practice gives outstanding benefits and results.

Graeme is ever grateful and appreciative of his two beautiful daughters, Tia and Cherise. Whether in body or spirit, they have accompanied his yoga journey. It has been a delight to watch them develop their own love for yoga, fitness and health and becoming a Grandaddy to Tia’s 3 gorgeous boys has been another of life’s great blessings.

When not travelling and teaching workshops or retreats in Australia and overseas, Graeme enjoys a simple life at home with Leonie in the Nambucca Valley. He gains inspiration and gratification from listening to and caring for the land, and is creatively and resourcefully building “Prana Ridge”, their vision retreat for yoga, movement, meditation and conscious living.


My first Ashtanga class was with Graeme in Lismore, August 1986. Those next 18 months of practice, and Graeme himself, had a huge impact on the way I was to move through life. The place from which I now practice and teach has been influenced and informed by many modalities and passions.

In earlier years I qualified as a Registered Nurse but working in the medical field only served to deepen my interest in alternative health and healing. I soaked up studies in naturopathic medicine, herbalism, homeopathy, massage and traditional Chinese medicine and studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong with  masters in Sydney, China and Penang.

In the early 90’s, Amerta Movement and Sumarah meditation entered my life. After so much form, the movement was something free, joyful, expansive and profound and I have been fortunate to study with two master movement artists, Christina Stelzer from Germany and Suprapto Suryadarmo from Java.

Sumarah Meditation has its roots in Java, and Laura Romano has guided me in this daily-life approach that cultivates relaxation, acceptance, simplicity and surrender – trusting in and being lived by life. Yoga, Amerta Movement and Sumarah Meditation are invaluable gifts for anchoring and navigating my path in life.

My love for rhythm, movement and self-discovery led me to complete a 3-year teacher training in TaKeTiNa, the unique musical group process that I am now qualified to guide. Founded by Austrian-born Reinhard Flatischler, TaKeTiNa activates musical and human potential through rhythm. It combines rhythmic knowledge that has been available in many cultures for thousands of years with the newest findings from music, rhythmical research, communication, brain research and chaos theory. TaKeTiNa is fascinating, fun, challenging and transformational work.

I love to chant and am pioneering a new approach I call “Mantras in Motion”; embodying the harmony and meditation of chanting combined with drumming and simple step patterns.

Permaculture, growing organically, sustainable ways of living and sharing with others are important in my daily life. The view i offer through teaching is simple and holistic: to inspire people back to balance with practices that reconnect body, mind, heart and spirit together with the nurturing powers of Nature, Rhythm and Mother Earth.